"Nigel McLaren and I met in 1982 - a meeting that was set to change the course of my life.  

Although I had written, sung and contributed on certain songs with Chris Squire, to whom I was married, there had never been the time to dedicate myself to music completely. Chris was often touring and we also had three young daughters. 

Those years were amazing and what I had learned from Chris as a musician was immense, some of which I realise more today. Chris always encouraged me to be creative, he was a strict teacher. I will always miss him. 

Creative life was easier with Nigel, the family had grown and there was more time. He was dedicated to music and openminded. Nigel taught me so much, whilst allowing me to grow as an artist, always joyful and showing his pleasure in my unorthodox approach - just loving my  creative search into the unknown path of discovery and encouraging me to never lose sight of my imagination. Assuring me and giving me confidence, always. I couldn’t have done it without him either.

Mark Wallis has carefully pieced together and mixed all the audio and vocals that we had recorded over the years. The end result is 'Esquire III - No Spare Planet’. This album brings together the last songs that  Nigel and I wrote." (Nikki Squire // October 2016)