There is something magical and mysterious about Esquire – the London based rock band who released 2 critically acclaimed albums in 1987 and 1997.
Combining the emotional and powerful vocals of Nikki Squire, with the musical craftsmanship of Nigel McLaren, and an array of talented guest musicians Esquire championed a unique and sophisticated sound. They straddled traditional musical boundaries and essentially unleashed an innovative style of progressive rock, that was both varied and accessible. Esquire based their music on sublime melodies and strong song writing. Both the eponymous ‘Esquire’ and follow up ‘Coming Home’ have been eagerly sought after since their release. 
As a band it is not just in their musical extravagance, but the trajectory of their career - shrouded in a mixture of uncertainty and delays – that adds to their mystery. The band can be viewed as emerging, almost phoenix-like, bringing creativity and imagination to the song writing process of both  Nikki and Nigel.
After another extended hiatus, Nikki is now preparing to release an album of the last Esquire songs she recorded with Nigel McLaren. Having worked with Mark Wallis on their first album, it seemed the perfect combination, for him to produce the mixes on the album which is due for release in November 2016.


Vocals / Nikki Squire
Bass  / Nigel McLaren
Mix Production / Mark Wallis